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1: PowerPoint Presentation on the Politics of Greece and Turkey: This involves 75 slides. Information at the time was accurate and this is meant as historical. However since that time there has been a major shift in Turkish (coup attempts/clamp downs) and Greek (GREXIT talks, inflation, high unemployment) Politics.  

2: SLEECOS 2014: This was the 192 Page Reform Plan that David Monlux wrote back in 2014 as a proposed Alternative to Common Core in Oklahoma. 

3: CUBA MAY 2017 HUMAN RIGHTS PAPER: Back in March of 2017 for Academic Credit, Monlux had the chance to go into Cuba for academic credit and take the course IAS 3000: Cuban Culture/Politics. He then studied Cuba in detail while identifying the 18 core elements of Human Rights and a new scoring system. 

4: MSS CHINA SIMPLIFIED AUG/NOV 2017: MSS = Ministry of State Security. This paper was first written by David Monlux in August 2017 for his Tools of State Craft class.  It gives a brief introduction to how the MSS operates. 

5: OUSGA REGENTS SLECTION PROCESS LAWSUIT APPEAL 2017: After President David Boren announced he was going to retire, students were set to be included on the Search Committee. The State Regents then gave SGA President JD Baker a time line to pick students to be on the Committee. Instead of holding competitive application processes open to all students, President Baker chose to appoint the Chair of the Undergraduate Student Congress, the Chair of the Graduate Senate, his Vice President and the President of the Student Bar Association at OU. 26 hours after making his pick, the Undergraduate Student  Congress held a vote to confirm with the options of approve these non interviewed/non application appointments OR have no students on the search committee. Many students were upset about NOT getting a curtsy of an interview or even the chance to apply. For such a high honor that violated competitive application process Monlux took the Baker Administration and OU SGA Leadership to Court fighting for the little guy even though it would lead to repercussions against himself and hurt him with professional pursuit aspects on campus. He made a choice to stand on conscience and published an op ed in the OU Daily as well. This is 44 pages of what David presented to the Court.   

6: AMICUS CURAIE SUPPORT OF DAN WILLIAMS DEC 2017: After Dan Williams lost his OU SGA Presidential Bid in Fall 2017, it became clear that 2 separate campaigns cheated and violated the rules of the campaign in repetitive and alarming fashion. In addition the SGA Election Board Chair Abernathy publicly showed favoritism from the bench. Due to a dispute with the VP and a difference of opinion on definitions with the Court  despite Dan Williams the lead candidate himself wanting Monlux to submit an appeal on his behalf, the Court disallowed it. However using a loophole rule while being angered at the integrity violated of the elections and unfair discrimination that Dan faced in trying to obtain access to justice (3 people get mugged and robbed. 2 people want to sue and 1 doesn't. The DA (Superior Court Justice in this case) decides to block suit thru primary avenue of relief , David decided to submit a 39 page amicus curiae in support of the Williams position as an interested party in an attempt to restore integrity to SGA Elections and  seek justice for Dan. This 39 page report documents what took place.






7: CRITIQUE OF LYNCH: GOOD CITY FORM FEB2018: As part of his Political Architecture Capstone, Monlux had to read Good City Form by Lynch. Monlux critiqued the book and took the key elements of the book to simplify it and relate the architecture to political planning, scheming and agenda making. In addition it only took 6 pages for Monlux to do that. Also in that Political Architecture Class of his Polisci Capstone Monlux got a perfect score on everything. 


8: INTLTERRPAPER2018: While taking an incredible International Terrorism Class, Monlux had an opportunity to do a comparative terrorist paper on the ELN, FARC & Shining Path in Latin America. The paper is 40 pages in length. 



9: PERUOPERATIONCARWASH2018: In June 2018 Monlux went to Peru on an OU Journey Program for class credit with Latin American Expert Dr. Charles Kenney and Indigenous Expert Dr. Laurel Smith. While there he had an incredible once in a life time opportunity widow look into Peru in its inner workings and average everyday life of its extraordinary people. When he got back, he worked on a paper about corruption effects from Operation Car Wash. For those who know nothing about Operation Car Wash it started with Brazilian Company Orbercht and in December 2016 a bombshell was dropped in US Federal Court when a confession was made to more than $5 Billion USD in bribes. Of that $5 Billion, $34 Million of bribes in Peru was admitted to. This 23 page paper details the sources and bribes taking place in Peru from the result of Operation Car Wash. 



10: STUDENTS FIRST OU REFORM PLAN AUG 2018: This 146 page report written by David Monlux details ways that the student experience and rights of OU Students at the Student Centered University can be improved to help more students while protecting student rights and making the University a better place. David sent this to administration and the proposal was less than well received and led to short term complications in his undergrad pursuits. 


11: CATTYWAMPIS PERU NATIONS/NATIONALISM CAPSTONE NOV 2018:  It is a case study of the Wampis Nation getting at Nation formation rise and decline. Within the Paper Monlux introduces the Nation Triangle and Elemental Table of Nationhood that he developed . In total it is 75 pages in length. Ideas/Concepts in the paper are in his upcoming book.


12: ROBERT DAHL THEORIST BOOK REPORT: FEB 2019: OCCC: This was a paper I did in the Spring 2019 about Robert Dahl. For this paper I had to summarize the life of Robert Dahl, include basic summaries of previous works and then go into detail to look for patterns via critical thinking within his book Who Governs? Democracy and Power in an American City. In order for a clear pattern to emerge one should look at 11 key figures from the book (mentioned in the paper) and chapters 16, 18, 20 & 23. When one does they will discover a cycle of patterns in American cities that keep repeating these 6 themes (Religious Ethnicity Occupations, Education Level/Access, Involvement Factor, Power Distribution, National V Local Turnout Motivation and Voting Rule Expansion Changes) as demonstrated in the chart below. 


13: University of Oklahoma (OU) College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Capstone on Homelessness under Professor Christopher Hill Fall 2019: During the Fall 2019 Semester I was asked to look at a problem and come up with a big solution for it. For the class I chose homelessness in OKC in which I proposed turning Crossroads Mall into a major rehabilitation center for homelessness. This 20 page paper was the initial sketch. Additional research and ideas are now being explored. 

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