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Part of health is the lifestyle choices from clean air, to environment, access/opportunities  and reducing stress which go a long way in staying healthy or feeling bad while conditions slowly get worse. Here are ten (10) ideas proposed by Monlux to make being healthy easier and more attainable for all Americans. 

1: Bikeable/Walkable Cities:  Under this idea proposal it would require all residential neighborhoods built along with existing ones to have sidewalks and a green belt/commons area/mini park so people can move around in their neighborhoods. In addition along city streets it would transform sidewalks with double levels. The sidewalks would be split in two with a patch of grass in-between them while joining together at stoplights and street crossings. The sidewalk closest to the street would be for bikes. The sidewalk furthest from the main city street would be for walkers, runners and joggers. While the concept of share the road was well intentioned the reality is that most bikes can't go the speed limit of 35-50 (usually 40) MPH which is dangerous to people with fast cars driving. By doing this not only do you encourage more walking/biking if someone is down on their luck without a car they still have a way to get to work. Also for very short trip people can now walk or use their bike instead of using their car thus reducing traffic. This also gets people more active instead of just sitting all the time. 

2: Clean & Safe Parks: All cities should have common areas such as parks open to the public that are clean and safe to hang out in. This provides children safe places to play, a chance for people to unwind and promotes outdoor activities while keeping people active. The trick is maintaining enough cleaners and enforcement with each park along with occasional repair/replacement of equipment. Also for people struggling this provides free to low cost activities available to them for places to go. 

3: GYM Memberships: In order to help people stay active Monlux believes that all households should have access to gym memberships. He proposes a $300 per year per household (NOT person) subsidy that can be used at any major chain gym across America so American's can continue to work out. By continuing to workout American's keep their energy higher, burn off calories from over indulgent eating and stay in shape. Those that stay in shape and active have fewer problems then those that don't while helping to combat obesity across the country. Despite the upfront cost long term this helps ease use of the health system. Per US Census's data there are about 120 Million households in the US.  $120 Million times $300 = $36 Billion a year. To help further offset this cost employers can be offered tax breaks for offering these incentives to their employees. In addition with fewer visits and problems arising from obesity and lack of exercise this helps to fix that problem and lowers future payments to medical providers thus reducing Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance outgo. 


4: Homework Reduction:  For many kids in the classrooms and students in university homework brings on tremendous stress. In order to reduce this burden in young children and reduce anxiety among Freshmen in College Monlux proposes the following: Pre K, K & Elementary School: Do away with homework. No homework so kids can play after school, bond with their parent/friends and enjoy life. Jr. High/Middle School: Homework twice a week. Assign it on Tuesday being due Friday and assign it on Friday being due Tuesday. High School: For Freshman-Junior year give homework every night. For Senior year of high school reduce assignments to attendance, test and papers. College/University Lower Division & Gen Ed Courses: Attendance, Tests and Papers. Major & Upper Division Courses: Homework every night. What this Does: It allows young children to have fun and partake in all those social development opportunities. As they become teenagers in Jr. High/Middle School it teaches them responsibility of time management without overloading them while allowing them a free night to work on assignments while still participating in all the other activities throughout the week and weekend. Then when they hit high school it teaches responsibility while reminding them of what burdens are before releasing them to their senior year where they have time without worry to go on all the college tours, vo tech events, interview for jobs, explore the military and prepare for the next phase of their life. Then when people enter college having to repeat the gen ed of their high school they either know it or they don't and it allows them the free time to either work a job or make connections via socializing with their fellow college peers. 


5: Language Understanding: In keeping the brain active and NOT  (also reduces stress instead of raising it) feeling intimidate by foreign languages Monlux proposes including Foreign/Tribal Languages in the curriculum. At the Elementary and Jr. High/Middle School level make it daily practice without  a letter grade. At the high school level make it where a B or higher goes on the transcript as a letter grade, a D/C goes on the transcript as P/S (Pass/Satisfactory) GPA Neutral and an F goes on the transcript as audit. Then in college for Beginning/Elementary and Intermediate Foreign Language I & II implement what is called a conditional audit. If a student earns a letter grade of A it goes on the transcript as an A. If the student earns a B, C OR D they get a choice of GPA neutral Pass OR Outright Letter grade on their transcript. If they receive an F then it automatically gets recorded as CA (Conditional Audit) which doesn't penalize the student GPA wise or Financial Aid wise.  and This encourages people to take Foreign Languages by broadening their horizons, increasing understanding thus reducing stress and helps serves America's national interest while making people more competitive in the workplace among industries looking for people that can speak a certain language. To learn more about David's Foreign Language Proposals in schools you can visit that portion of his/this website at 

6: Nature Preservation: While parks, sidewalks and gym memberships are good for cities/towns, Monlux believes also in protecting and preserving nature while providing escapes for people to relax, get away and go back to their roots while being in silence. Monlux supports expanding national parks, protecting more wildlife and clean energy. When combined this will help more people to relax while being in a cleaner environment. 

7: Portion Control: America has an overeating problem. In order to combat this American's need to do the following. 1st know that it is ok to have leftovers and not eat everything on your plate. 2nd people should strive for a balanced diet of a wide variety of food, minerals and nutrients in moderation to balance. 3rd snack consumption should drop and people should limit themselves to standard meals. While an occasional snack here and there is ok, eating multiple snacks everyday adds to the calorie count which translates to extra pounds. By not over eating and controlling moderations of what you do eat this can help to manage/loose weight and build disciplines in individuals. Portion control works. 

8: Reducing Anxiety & Stress: See the combos of 1: Bikeable/Walkable Cities, 3: GYM Memberships, 4: Homework Reduction, 5: Language Understanding, 9: Reducing Sugar in the Diet and 10: Work/Life Balance. 

9: Reducing Sugar in the Diet: Many foods served in America including condiments, sports drinks and salad dressings have high amounts of sugar in them which causes addiction, chemical dependence, nervousness, shakiness, weight gain and increase obesity. A simple change one can do their diet would to replace their condiments and salad dressings at restaurants  or in the home with G Hughes sugar free sauces and dressings. They taste really good without having sugar. In addition for Sports Drinks people can change to G Zero Gatorade to cut back on sugar. In addition when they get the urge for a sugary drink just have water or G Zero. This limits the sugar in your salads, drinks and doesn't add sugar to when your having BBQ meet or dipping those cheese fries in ketchup or ranch. 

10: Work/Life Balance: While work is a human necessity for making money, protecting the country and being one of the things that humans are supposed to do, there is also much more to life then just work. Currently most of America is in an 8-5 Monday thru Friday Model or longer combined with terrible hours at low pay in the service industries. So that people have more free time while businesses can be open more often as well Monlux proposes the following: If a company is wanting to be open seven days a week have a group that works 4 ten hour shifts with three day weekend and a group that works 3 twelve hour shifts with four day weekends as an example. Basically make induvial days longer but give more time  off per week. This allows people to have more free time. In addition give more PTO, make it easier for employees to trade off/working days/shifts and as part of working packages have employers offer allowances for either lunch delivery or eating out each day so employees get more choice while restaurants are continued to be propped up. 

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