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Mental Health is a very serious issue facing millions of students each year. Many problems go  undiagnosed  every year while many students struggle and either fall through the cracks or are accused of being lazy. Therefore Monlux supports yearly mental health checks/screenings/tests in school, calls for a minimum of 1 mental health counselor per school and supports parents to test their kids. In addition based off a doctor's recommendation, Monlux supports accommodations to classes and extra testing time. It is a lot easier to help a child progress, understand their issues and provide opportunities than it is to let the problem grow, try to fix broken adults and spend more for longer at the adult age via tax increases by refusing to address the problem at a young age. Those with mental health issues need treatment, society needs to be proactive in addressing its problems and the tax payers deserve to save money long term instead of addressing these issues to adults at great expense. 

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