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In order to simplify health insurance across America Monlux proposes a simple 3 tier system with an additional fourth (4th) element of supplemental. This plan would benefit overall health, make employment easier, help the economy and improve America's Health. Tier 1: Those ages 21 and younger.  Tier 2: Ages 22-Until you draw Social Security. Tier 3: Medicare for those drawing social security. Fourth Element: Supplemental Plans. Below is an explanation of each  plan. Also anyone in the National Guard or Military (Reserve or Active duty along with spouse/dependents would automatically be put on TRI Care.

TIER 1: For those ages 21 and younger they would automatically get a government insurance plan done at most doctor offices and all hospitals that would have a $1,000 deductible and then pay 80% of allowable charges while leaving the parent or patient (if legally emancipated or 18-21) responsible for 20% of the cost. It would be automatically given to every citizen child of the US. 

TIER 2: For those ages 22 until they start collecting Social Security. This would shift from an employer based health insurance model to greatly expanding the free market place. It would allow any insurance company to contract in any state and sell their insurance across state lines. The individual would choose the correct plan and company for them. In addition to help American's afford it the following subsidy system would be proposed. If the household is under $50k a year then give up to $400 per month per adult in monthly premium assistance. If the household income is $50-$100k a year then give $300 per month per adult in monthly premium assistance. If the household income is $100-$500k a year then give $200 per month per adult in premium assistance. If the household income is $500k-$1 Million per year then give $100 per month per adult in premium assistance. If the household income is over $1 Million per year then $0 in government assistance for a private plan via the marketplace on This would include members of congress and federal health plans as well. 

TIER 3: Those drawing Social Security would automatically be enrolled in Medicare. Currently with the option of early (62.5 years) collecting, normal (65-67 depending upon when you were born) collection or extended/max (72+) there are gaps in the existing system. An example would be someone taking retirement at 62.5 years of age. Under the 65 Medicare rule that is 2.5 years without insurance from loosing it by not working. At the same time someone working till their 72 or older creates complication with HR for wanting a plan or cost a business a group rate by going with Medicare instead. Instead as long as the person is employed and not taking social security they would fall into tier 2. Once Social  Security is drawn they become tier three of Medicare. 

SUPPLEMENTALS/TIER 4: Under this proposal nothing would impeded, stop or prevent individuals/employers from entering into/purchasing supplemental policy for uncovered portions on all three tiers.  

BENEFITS: This simplifies health care in America, ensures both out children/elderly are taken care of, it creates free competition nationwide breaking up health care monopolies and allows people to go to the doctor with confidence. Also for freelance workers in the gig economy it allows them to have consistent medical care coverage and also helps to solve the problem of the 89 day hire/fire rule because of how many companies don't want to pay benefits. 

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