PUBLIC SCHOOLS: PRE K-12th Grade: Mandatory CDC recommendation vaccinations for enrollment. Exceptions are if the student has an allergy to any of the ingredients in the vaccine and or has a signed medical exemption from a doctor for medical reasons. Failure to vaccinate will result in willful child neglect if the family can afford vaccinations. If the parent cannot afford to vaccinate the child, then the CDC & or the State Health Department shall vaccinate the child at a reduced rate or free. 

School Tutoring Companies, Vendors and Youth Advocacy Organizations: Same as Pre k-12th grade for all employees. 

Public Universities/Colleges: Each state and or university shall form its own policy. 

PRIVATE SCHOOLS: Each private school at any level shall make its own policies and decisions regarding vaccinations requirements for enrollment. 

HOME SCHOOL STUDENTS: There shall be no vaccination requirements or enforcement on home schooled children.