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In order to help students with learning disabilities achieve success Monlux believes the following. All cases should be taken on a case by case basis. If a doctor diagnosis a student with a learning disability it should be believed. People with learning disabilities shouldn't have them count as pre existing conditions to exclude future health insurance coverage. Accommodations and exemption to requirements or alternatives requirements should be made if someone with learning disabilities should be made to ensure high school graduation.  In addition if someone with learning disabilities wants to obtain a degree in said field of study they should be allowed to do so with alternative substitution requirements or sub specialization exception in an area not affected by their learning disabilities. Upon entering the job market, each employer should make their own decision. This is in line with the equality of opportunity, NOT outcome philosophy while advancing educational opportunity and pursuit for all.  In addition it helps increase graduation rates and increases the number of available people in work. Learning disabilities while obstacles do NOT prevent someone from learning something and many people today that are successful have learning disabilities and keep them hidden to only finally reveal 1 day and get rebuked OR everyone's opinion on said work all of a sudden changes.  

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