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Today Learning is no longer confined to the Classroom OR on the job training. While the classroom can teach one many different things in academics & on the job training can teach specfic skill sets, people also need enrichment in their lifes today. When one goes to a Christian Summer Camp OR a College Orientation Camp such as Camp Crimson at OU, Students are learning to network & form alliances. In addition camp isolates individuals from the rest of society & allows people the time to reflect/think which helps the individual discover who they really are which then creates purpose in ones life.



CONFERENCES: When one goes to a Conference they get to be surrounded by like minded people. In addition people both directly in the field & experts on topics within that field get to come together and share/exchange ideas. Conferences are also a great place to network & make friends while getting to listen to Pannel discussions of all sides debating. In addition Conferences make for great photo opt opportunities.




LEADERSHIP CLASSES: While camps are great to discover oneself & Conferences help share ideas among the passionate experts, Leadership Classes are the most important. Thru leadership one is available to convey, communicate, execute, implement & promote their own ideas. For far too long there has been limited resources available for these types of classes. Recently Groups such as Youth Leadership Exchange (YLX) & The Leadership Institute have stepped up to start filling up the gap. HOWEVER: YLX is only for elite/gifted students & the Leadership Institute holds most of their courses in the DC Area with occassional workshops elsewhere OR lecture pannels at Conferences such as the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. In addition groups like Americans for Prosperity (AFP) hold activist workshops for grassroots leaders. While these are all excellent/incredible programs MORE needs to be done to incorporate leadership skills into High School so Students can learn early & advocate for their causes in life INSTEAD of being told what to believe.

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