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What the Book will Cover: Chap 1: Career/jobs available, valuable research resources, need to know international organizations, book recommendations for further reading/research, a list of important jargon words and summarizes in an oversimplification of many different important theorist that come up in both Cultural and International Studies.

Chap 2: Disciplines and Sub Specializations of Study within the broad fields of cultural and international studies.  

Chap 3: 50 Colleges/Universities in the US where you can obtain an Associate, Bachelor's and OR Graduate Degree in Cultural and OR International Studies. English Language instruction abroad universities where you can earn a college degree and spend your entire college career in a foreign country with your classes being taught 100% in English. 14 private study abroad companies as options. 

Chap 4: International Studies. 

Chap 5: Cultural Studies. 

Chap 6: List of terrorist groups, human right documents and human rights watch groups. 

Chap 7: Nation Formation and Deformation in the 21st Century. 

Chap 8: Studying Abroad. 


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What will the text cover: Chapter 1: Fireworks Allure: The allure and excitement of politics. 

Chapter 2: Elemental Deal Makers: Jobs/Careers available, concentrations of study, the jargon, research beginnings  and comparing the difference between Jefferson's, Masons & Roberts Rules of Order. 

Chapter 3: Ideologies & Theories: It will explain 20 different political ideologies in short easy to understand ways and then with pictures/charts/graphs  will explain 10 important political theories. 

Chapter 4: Political Partying: Via the intoxication and hangover methods this chapter will explain the reasons people drink the Kool-Aid to join political parties becoming intoxicated and then explain the regrets via hangovers that people have later. It will go on to list political parties of past, present day US political parties and then end with a list of foreign political parties. 

Chapter 5:Writing Your Love Story Legislation & Passing it thru the Legislative Process: This will cover reasons for writing legislative bills, how to write them, include questions that should be asked on every bill, how to gain support for passage and the behind the scenes work of actually implementing your bill. 

Chapter 6: Political Games, Likability, Protests, Rallies & Showmanship (Let the Games Begin): This section will break down the political strategies and games, state how to play them along with why politicians play games and will be a really fun chapter to read. 

Chapter 7: Campaigns & Elections (Happy Hunger Games: May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor): This will discuss the different types of campaigns, why elections matter and give insight to the brutality honesty of campaigns and how much hard work they really are. 

Chapter 8: IGO's, NGO's, Non Profits and Political Action Committees (PAC's): This will explain the basic role of each along with a list of present Intergovernmental Organizations/Bodies, NGO's, Non Profits and PACs. 

Chapter 9: Constitutions, Frameworks & Systems of Government (X Marks the Spot): This will look at the framework for how a government is supposed to operate in theory and how much power/influence they hold on paper. 

Chapter 10: Civil Liberties/Rights, Constitutional Rights & Human Rights (What Dreams are Made of): 

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