David is in the course of completing a book that will explain the basics of cultural and international studies in pop culture metaphors. The point of the book is to explain the basics, be used in college intro classes or high school classes and get people excited about the field. While being informative and entertaining compared to the fields potential of entire offerings, it will be limited in scope. The book will be out before the year 2020 ends. 

Current Planned Title: International Cultural Journeys: An Introduction to Cultural and International Studies. 

What the Book will Cover: Chap 1: Career/jobs available, valuable research resources, need to know international organizations, book recommendations for further reading/research, a list of important jargon words and summarizes in an oversimplification of many different important theorist that come up in both Cultural and International Studies.

Chap 2: Disciplines and Sub Specializations of Study within the broad fields of cultural and international studies.  

Chap 3: 50 Colleges/Universities in the US where you can obtain an Associate, Bachelor's and OR Graduate Degree in Cultural and OR International Studies. 30 Programs in foreign countries where you can earn a college degree and spend your entire college career in a foreign country with your classes being taught 100% in English. 14 private study abroad companies as options. 

Chap 4: Covers the field of International Studies. 

Chap 5: Covers the field of Cultural Studies. 

Chap 6: Terrorism and Human Rights. 

Chap 7: Nation Formation and Deformation in the 21st Century. 

Chap 8: Studying Abroad. 

How it will be Different from Other Books: It will use pop culture metaphors and explications to explain most concepts in the book. 


Proposed Cover Design & Preview (Both Word & PDF): PREVIEW PLACEHOLDER is of intent. Final published version might be a little different with final photos, placements, page numbers and expansion/shrink of content. Upon conclusion an updated preview will be provided. 


David is also in the process of writing a political science textbook that will make learning about government, procedures, public policy and programs fun. More information will be released by June 2020 and a final version will be out before the end of Calendar year 2020.