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Medications are very important. From covering up symptoms to treating causes medications allow people to get better and or function. When people are in pain or having a very hard time concentrating it can be very hard to focus. When this happens productivity drops. When productivity drops people are either out of the job market, downgrade quality and or become unproductive while their outgo goes up. Monlux believes the following on medications.


1: All medications prescribed by a doctor (short of mal practice, forged and or prescriptions that make zero sense for the condition) and given to the patient while hospitalized or given while in office should be 100% covered by normal health insurance regardless of status.


2: The following medications should be made free to all Americans Citizens: Insulin for officially/formally diagnosed Diabetics with routine lab testing, Rescue Inhalers for diagnosed Asthmatics, ADHD medications for those with ADHD and CHEMO for Cancer patients. 

3: For Over the Counter (OTC) meds Americans should receive a voucher coupon once a year good at Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens and CVS for one bottle of free Tylenol, one bottle of free Advil, one bottle of free Aspirin, one bottle of free Robitussin, one bottle of free Nyquil and one free Mucinex per calendar year. 

4: For all other medications filled at the pharmacy there should be private prescription drug insurance operating under the current model that people pay for.


When combined this allows people to get care they need, address many issues of diabetics and asthma in the workplace, helps ADHD people remain focused and allows cancer patients as serious statements to get the treatment they need.  

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