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Health Care is a very important issue facing America today. In addition it affects people's ability to work along with the quality of life. When judging health care there are three (3) metrics to judge it by. Those metrics are Access, Affordability and Quality. (AAQ) Within the US, America shines on Quality and Access. However with that in Mind, Affordability is a major problem in this Nation. When affordability becomes a problem many self censor and stop getting care while their problems only become worse. To follow are 9 brief overview ways that David proposes to improve areas across our Country that would lead to better health outcome for its citizens. Links are included where you can learn more information about each idea/belief/proposal of Monlux.  

1: Affordable Health Insurance: A three tier system of insurance with a fourth element of Supplementals tweaking the existing system. The tiers would be ages birth to 21. Tier two would be those ages 22-NOT on social security. Tier 3 would be Medicare for all drawing social security. The 4th element would allow any individual to buy supplemental plans regardless of the tier they fall in. To read more about this plan you can go the subsection of this website at 

2: Contact Tracing: Monlux supports incorporating contact tracers as part of normal full time staff in all health departments. To better understand what contact tracers do and to see the benefits of the proposal go to 

3: Flex Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) & Health Savings Accounts (HSA): David proposes these three (3) types of accounts into one and making it available to all Americans. Additionally he proposes increasing the max yearly/annual contribution limit to $10k and expanding what counts as an eligible expense. Additionally he believes that the money should follow the individual and NOT go back into the pocket of the company. On leftover funds from a previous year Monlux believes that individuals should save it for a rainy health day or be allowed to use previous years funds to pay benefit deductions/Social Security/Medicaid/Medicare payroll taxes so people can keep more of their paycheck as take home pay. To learn more about the current (10/9/22) regulations on each type of account and how Monlux is proposing to combine them all into one go to  

4: Healthy Life Styles: David supports making more cities walkable/Bikeable, having clean/safe parks for gatherings to draw people outside more, supports government subsidies of gym memberships to help people stay active year round, homework reduction in younger grades so kids can be kids to reduce stress, language understanding, nature preservation, teaching of portion control, reducing sugar in the average American diet and creating better life/work balance. To see more specifics go to 

5: Health Resources: A list of lengths to helpful information and programs under the current system. 

6: Mental Health: Monlux believes that Mental Health should be included as part of standard insurance, wants to increase funding by $2 Billion to get more counselors in schools and create an assistance fund of $1 Billion USD for tutors to help those with learning disabilities. To learn more go to 

7: Medications: David supports making medicine in office along with certain medications for certain conditions free to all American Citizens and encouraging people to get prescription drug plans. To learn more go to 

8: Understanding Types of Medical Care & Costs: This will go over the difference between clinics, doctor office visits, urgent cares, emergency room visits and hospitals. Additionally it will explain why certain providers charge more than others for the same services. It's meant to give a better understanding on the factors influencing costs in America. 

9: Vaccines: As Congress made the COVID-19 Vaccines free for all American Citizens, Monlux supports making all vaccinations free no questions asked to all American Citizens. To learn more about which vaccines he believes should be available in mass go to 


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