American Public Schools are falling behind and in need of modernization to accurately reflect the changes in technology, culture, values and internationalization that has taken place. In order to do this, the districts need to be streamlined nation wide into the following four (4) districts. 

Pre K & K. 

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 1st-5th Grade. (7 AM-4 PM)

JR HIGH/MIDDLE SCHOOL: 6th-8th Grade. (8:30 AM-5 PM)

HIGH SCHOOL: 9th-12th Grade. (10 AM-6 PM)


CLASS SCHEDULE: 8 Classes each Semester using the A/B Day scheduling alternating 4 classes every other day at an hour each. 

WHOLE PERSON DEVELOPMENT: 1 Hour Lunch.  1 Hour Study Hall. 

1 Hour of Foreign Language each day (If the student earns an equivalent of a B OR Higher it goes on the transcript as a letter grade. If the student earns between 50%-to the highest C possible, it goes on the transcript as awarded credit without a letter grade or GPA calculation. Offerings shall be Foreign Language I, II, III & IV and shall be one standard language offered to the entire school. If enough staff exist, additional languages can be offered. In addition nothing shall prevent the school from offering Legal Foreign Language, Medical Foreign Language, Study Abroad Language Immersion, Foreign Language Tutor help and or Hosting of a Foreign Exchange Student as credit with a letter grade.)  

1 Hour of Physical Education (PE) each day. (4 days a week shall by physical activity and 1 day a week shall be nutrition and healthy living style classes. 0.5 credits shall be awarded each term with no grade shall be assigned for this mandated 1 hour each day, however the school can offer additional physical education classes for letter grades under the A/B Day schedule.)  

BENEFITS: This gives students exposure to 8 classes every semester, ensures they have lunch, have 1 guaranteed hour each day to focus on assignments/homework, ensures health in maintained in high school and offers students the chance to have 4 years of study in a Foreign Language going for the whole person development of the individual.   

Each class = 0.5 credits (unless otherwise noted) regardless if taken in Fall, Spring OR Summer.



1: JET G: Just Enough to Graduate: This allows struggling students to graduate high school while still receiving an education. 

2: G2W: Get to Work: For students not wanting to pursue academics and go to VO Tech/Career School OR get a job straight out of High School this is the Emphasis for them. 

3: STANDARD: A normal standard High School Education. 

4: STANDARD WITH HONORS (aka College Prep): An advanced academic curriculum meant to prepare students for studies in College/University. 



1: AGRICULTURE: Food is declining, farmers are important and the nation needs to eat without being reliant on foreign markets to feed its people for everything. 

2: COMMUNITY SOCIAL WORKERS (CSW): Society is only as strong as its most vulnerable and these are valuable assets to build people up while making sure people don't fall thru the cracks. 


3: FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING (FLL): Trade, commerce and international conflict is increasing while transpiration is becoming faster and faster. America need more people that can speak more and more foreign languages. This is a national security, economic and value promotion issue for America. Its citizens can no longer afford to be in English only La La Land no more. In addition we should know what we are talking about and NOT be trusting Foreign Government Translators. 

4: FUTURE SOLDIERS OF AMERICA (FSA): This is foreign students wanting to enlist in the Military out of high school and or people wanting to go into a career of the National Security Industry. 

5: SOCIAL MINISTERS OF GUIDANCE (SMG): This is for students wanting to teach, do Community Service and or go into a religious vocation. The spirituality of people is important to behavior and ideals in society. 

6: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH (STEM): The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced while the majority of the jobs of the future will require Science and Math skills. In addition Cyber Security is a growing field. Therefore this emphasis belongs as a National Security issue and students should be encouraged to pursue STEM. 



1: BUSINESS, LEGAL, INTERNATIONAL & POLITICAL STUDIES (BLIPS): For students wanting to go into business, law, international field and politics this allows them to take classes in those areas to be judged on by College Admission standards instead of the current SAT & ACT which focuses more on STEM & Writing while telling the College Admission officials what to look at on the transcript.  

2: CULTURE, HUMANITIES, ARTS, MUSIC, BAKING, ENTERTAINMENT & RECREATION (CHAMBER): For students intrigued by culture, those drawn to the humanities, artist, musicians, bakers/chef those into acting and those wanting to entertain this is the emphasis for them. 

3: FITNESS IN EXCELLENCE & STRENGTH (FES): For students that are health conscious, wanting to be weightlifting coaches, physical education teachers, needing to get into shape and working to keep the nation healthy (minus the STEM) this is the emphasis for them. 

4: HISTORICAL RESEARCHERS (HR): For students wanting to gain advanced research skills and or go into the history field, this is the emphasis for them. 

5: JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS (JIS): For students wanting to learn to carry out investigations, ask questions, conduct interviews and or work in the news industry/be a journalist. 

6: LITERATURE, ENGLISH & WRITING (LEW): For those Grammar Nazis and lovers of reading this is the emphasis for them. 




1: Community Service: Those with learning/physical disabilities and those certified by their school of low economic means can be exempt from the Community Service Requirement in any emphasis. 

2: Culinary Arts Classes: Those with food allergies, under doctors orders not to eat said food in the class and or those with religious objections to common ingredients many be exempt from the portion  of the class(es) where it takes place and or exempt all together with the required hours being replaced with electives. 

3: Dancing: Those with religious and moral objections to dancing in addition to those with physical disabilities may be exempt and the hours replaced with electives. 

4: Environmental Studies:  Those with religious objections and or devout climate change deniers may be exempt from the Environmental Studies requirement and replaced with electives or additional science courses if in the Standard with Honors, CSW, FLL, SMG, BLIPS, CHAMBER, FES, HR, JIS & LEW Emphasis. However those in the Agriculture, FSA, STEM & ARS can not be exempt from Environmntal Studies for any reason. 

5: Entertainment & Recreation: Those who view fun, showing off and other things falling in  this category as immoral or wrong may be exempt and replace the requirement with electives, except for those in the CHAMBER emphasis. 

6: Foreign Language: Those with learning disabilities that prevent or greatly impair the ability to learn a foreign language may be exempt. The hours shall be divided equally among electives, math, music and science. 


7: International: Parents or students objecting to globalization and internationalization may sign an opt of form and have these hours replaced with electives despite the clear disadvantage it will bring to the child. 


8: Literature: Those believing in  conspiracy theories and or objecting to literature as immoral or politically aggrandized and or attempting to enact censorship on their children may opt out of literature and replace it with electives if in the Standard with Honors, FLL, HR & JIS emphasis. If in the emphasis of SMG, CHAMBER, LEW & OR ARS then no exceptions or exemptions will be granted on the literature requirement. 

9: Music: Those who are tone deaf, mute and or have religious objections to music may sign an opt out and replace those music credits with elective credits. If in the CHAMBER emphasis, they may be added to or combined with the Culture, Humanities, Art, Baking, Entertainment and or Recreation requirements. 


10: Philosophy: Those wishing to be exempt from the philosophy requirement may sign an opt out form and replace the requirements with electives unless they are in the SMG OR ARS emphasis.   

11: Private Schools are free to make their own requirements, admission/retention standards, exemptions and or graduation requirements. 

12: Religious Studies: Any parent objecting to religion being taught in schools, may sign an opt out form and have those hours replaced with electives unless they are in the SMG, HR OR ARS emphasis in which case the student exempt automatically become ineligible for the 3 emphasis mentioned. 

13: Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs outside the ones already mentioned here will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

14: Technology: Those that are anti technology and refusing to modernize may be exempt from the technology portion and have those hours replaced with electives  unless in the Standards Honors, STEM OR ARS emphasis. 

15: VACCINATIONSUnless a medical exemption/exception is signed by a doctor, every child should be vaccinated. Parents refusing to vaccinate their child can and should be held liable for child neglect. Seriously do all you can to keep your child healthy and prevent sickness.