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VO Tech is a very important and often overlooked option. Many educators (since College/University Degree is required to be one) push and preach the importance of College and Higher Education while selling it as the vehicle to a better life. While there are many fields where it is (teaching, officer in the military, most STEM fields, Law, Librarian and others) there are other options available. VO Tech trains students for hands on and technological use jobs from stuff such as machine operators, plumbers, electricians and welders among many others. In addition these jobs pay very well, the training usually takes 6 months-2 years (as compared to 4 in university) is a fraction of the cost and many states have programs for people between the ages of 18-25 where the cost is substantially reduced or free. While all with academic potential and merit should be afforded the opportunity to go to College, everyone should also be made aware of the VO Tech option and their representatives should be allowed into High Schools to present/recruit. 

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