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American Public Schools are falling behind and in need of modernization to accurately reflect the changes in technology, culture, values and internationalization that has taken place. In order to do this, the districts need to be streamlined nation wide into the following four (4) districts. 

Pre K & K. 

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 1st-5th Grade. (7 AM-4 PM)

JR HIGH/MIDDLE SCHOOL: 6th-8th Grade. (8:30 AM-5 PM)

HIGH SCHOOL: 9th-12th Grade. (10 AM-6 PM)


CLASS SCHEDULE: 5 classes at 1 hour each day consisting of Basic History, Basic Math, Basic Science, Reading & Writing. (5 hours)

WHOLE PERSON DEVELOPMENT: EVERYDAY: 1 hour lunch, 1 hour nap, 30 minutes of recess, 30 minutes of physical education (PE) and 30 minutes of Foreign Language instruction. (3.5 hours)

ALTERNATING DAYS: 30 minutes of art and 30 minutes of music alternating every other day. (30 minutes)

TOTAL: 9 Hours each day. (7-4)

GRADING SYSTEM: Art, Foreign Language, Music & PE: Participation credit. 

Basic History, Basic Math & Basic Science: Teacher & Parental Discretion. 

Reading: Reading level test & Book Reports Presentations. 

Writing: Spelling test and a paper at the end of each year. 1 page paper in 1st grade. 2 page paper in 2nd grade. 3 page paper in 3rd grade. 5 page paper in 4th grade. 7 page paper in 5th grade graded on grammar, content and research sources. 

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