David Monlux was born on November 29th, 1993. During Kindergarten he had his first political sparks. He went with his parents on a business trip to Washington DC and got to tour the White House. Later that same year, he came home late one night (for a kindergartner) to find his dad watching a Presidential Debate between Al Gore & George W. Bush. The effects were unknown at the time, but those two events combined played a major subconscious role in developing his political passion which continues to this day.


For 1st-8th Grade he went to St. John's Episcopal School in OKC. During 4th grade he won his first major (at the time) political election & became the 4th Grade Class rep on the Student Council. In 6th Grade David was the assistant business manager  for the yearbook, a Division 3 Award Recipient at the Central Oklahoma Regional Science & Engineering Fair while placing 2nd at the PPARTS Festival in the Acrylic Division in addition to hosting an exchange student from South Korea for a month. In 7th grade he got to tour the National Weather Service in Norman, OK before letting out for Summer to volunteer 116 hours at Integris Baptist Medical Center. In 8th Grade David Monlux became the Student Council President and graduated from St. John's in May of 2009. That Summer he volunteered 49 hours at Baptist and took an Oklahoma History on the Road Course as his first High School Class before the Fall began.


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During High School Monlux took 8 classes each Semester, was a Student Council Rep of his Class for 3 of his 4 years, spent 2 years on the Football Team and all 4 years on the Tennis Team. David scored above the College Readiness Benchmark ACT in  English & Reading. In addition he performed countless hours of Community Service, was awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award, was part of YLX Youth Leadership Exchange XVI & served as a Page to State Representatives Mike Reynolds & Paul Wesselhoft during his Junior & Senior Year. In the Senior awards he was voted by his classmates "MOST LIKELY TO BECOME PRESIDENT". On May 18th, 2013 David Monlux Graduated from Mt. St. Mary's Catholic High School.





Photos above do NOT represent a political endorsement or approval of any kind on any/all of my political views/pursuits. In fact I'm sure many of these people would disagree with some/all of my policies and be more than happy to point out (in their mind) where I'm wrong. That is  OK with me. I believe in civil discourse and working across the aisle to bridge the divide instead of having the extreme partisanship that exist today. 


After graduating Mount, Monlux had anything but an ordinary college experience. Starting in Fall 2013 he enrolled and started his College journey at Rose State. In the Spring 2014 semester that is when key events took place to change David's life. There were 3 key events that Semester which was taking LS 2803: Intro to Law, going to Greece & Turkey with the Rose State Humanities Department and declaring for the OK State House of Representatives at the age of 20 when the minimum age was 21 to run. He then successfully argued his case (self representing) before Election Board Officials with a legal loophole in AG Opinion 82-101 §5 which stated that age only applied to office holders, NOT candidates. Since the oath of office would NOT be administered that election cycle until after David turned 21, the Election Board put Monlux on the ballot as an official candidate in the OK GOP House District 91 Primary. While Monlux lost the election only receiving 38 votes (last place) when thousands were cast in a 5 candidate race, by running he expanded ballot access for thousands of Oklahoman's each year. 


In Fall 2014, Monlux started taking classes at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC), developed this website and expanded his Alternative to Common Core to be 192 pages.  In August 2015 Monlux increased his activities to include 21 credit hours at Rose State to finish his first Associate Degree, went on a trip to Ohio with Americans for Prosperity and became Secretary of the OK GOP Cleveland County Young Republicans. He also applied to the University of Oklahoma (OU) and was accepted into OU. During this time Monlux was also vocal in support of Paul Wesselhoft's effort to return the painting at Fred Jones called "Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep" to France. 


In January 2016 David enrolled in classes at both OU & OCCC. Of highlight that Semester Monlux became a member of the Cleveland County OK GOP Platform Committee, took the Practice of Diplomacy taught by the US State Department Diplomat in Residence Robert Andrew and really enjoyed both Comparative Religions and World Regional Geography from OCCC.  During the Spring, Monlux became an Associate Representative in the Undergraduate Student Congress and by the end of the Semester was appointed as a Parking Appeals Justice on campus to judge parking violations. Summer 2016 was by far the most challenging semester for David as in he took 14 credit hours (full time for Summer is 6) from 3 different Institutions. That included Intro to Public Speaking at OCCC, SPAN 2115: Intermediate Spanish I at OSU-OKC along with 6 credit hours at OU. The 6 credit hours were in Politics of International Law and IAS 3013 International Law taught by the incredible Dr. Heinze. At the end of the Semester, Monlux passed all 14 credit hours. In addition with the completion of Public Speaking at OCCC, that gave David his 2nd overall Associate Degree.  In Fall 2016 David continued with courses at both OSU-OKC & OU while spending a large amount of time on OU SGA Lawsuits against the Election Board and Baker Campaign on behalf of the Echols and Shumway Student Body President Campaign. 

SPRING 2017: On January 6th, 2017 Monlux resigned from all his political positions in the OK Cleveland County GOP because he felt that people holding the positions should be local and not out of the Country. On January 9th, 2017 he boarded a flight and left for Puebla Mexico to head to the OU in Puebla Study Center and UPAEP, an experience that would greatly impact his life while bringing many incredible memories and experiences. During that Semester he had 4 incredible classes. P SC 3600: Politics of Mexico in Mexico and P SC 3653" Governments/Politics of Latin America taught by Latin American expert Dr. Kenney.    He also took IAS 3000: Cuban Culture & Politics which included going into Cuba for a week. The last class was Mexican Culture and Literature. 


Then Fall 2017 came when Monlux pursued 2 high profile lawsuits in OU SGA Court against the State Regents and  SGA Leadership/Election Board. In addition he also devoted a lot of time to a State Department Diplomacy Lab Project for Embassy Moscow.  In the Spring 2018 he completed his Business Law Course at OSU-OKC to earn his A.S. in Enterprise Development, got a perfect score in his OU Political Science Capstone (Awarding of Degree presently delayed) and helping form the OU Model Arab League Team. He also did a comparative terrorist paper on the FARC, ELN & Shining Path. 


For Summer 2018 Monlux spent June in Peru with an OU Journey Program. In the month of July he completed assignments related to his Peru trip and in August released a 146 page comprehensive University Reform Plan which he stands by to this day. In the Fall 2018 semester, David completed a 75 page paper examining the Wampis Nation in regards to nation formation and deformation. In Spring 2019 he took a light load of enrichment courses at OCCC and went to work at a job over the Summer. Check back for updates in January 2020 about his incredible/interesting Fall 2019 Semester. 

His passions include politics, learning, research and travel. His dreams include law school, holding political office, making the national debt zero and making Vo Tech/Community College/University free for all American citizens. 

Photos above do NOT represent a political endorsement or approval of any kind on any/all of my political views/pursuits. In fact I'm sure many of these people would disagree with some/all of my policies and be more than happy to point out (in their mind) where I'm wrong. That is  OK with me. I believe in civil discourse and working across the aisle to bridge the divide instead of having the extreme partisanship that exist today.