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Monlux supports the right of parents to home school their children. An accreditation agency should develop the requirements. There should be a once a year check up by an agent of the state OR a form certified and signed by a private doctor that the child is in good health. By the end of 4th grade, a reading, writing and math test shall be performed. If the child is reading at a 3rd grade level or higher, can pass a spelling test, can articulate a writing sample and can preform basic multiplication, addition, subtraction and division then they shall be allowed to continue being home schooled. If NOT the child shall be forced to enroll in an accredited charter/private/public school unless medical documentation of learning disabilities and or medical circumstances signed by a doctor prove otherwise why the child under the home school guise of the parent hasn't achieved that level by the end of 4th grade. For accredited programs not recognized by the state system, a child shall be required to take the GED exam for high school equivalency upon completion of home school studies. No vaccination requirements shall be imposed upon home schooled students. 

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