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Education is the single biggest issue facing our World today. It is also an issue that David is passionate about. He believes that education lays down the foundation for life and should be available to all. Curiosity should be explored & passions taught instead of top down federally mandated lessons. The current trend in education seems to be extreme multiple choice testing, national & international bureaucrats mandating standards from the top down. This increases the gap between the smartest students as compared to the middle & lowest students. Sadly the gap has more students falling than rising leading us toward an elitist society of vast inequalities. That is why there are 39 sub categories on education in this portion of the website that Monlux has examined and thought about. A description of the 39 is below.

1: Art: Monlux believes that art is critical to the whole person development and supports art education in schools. 


2: Camps, Conferences & Leadership Classes: 1 paragraph explanation of each explaining the important benefits they provide. 

3: Charter Schools: Monlux supports Charter schools and views them as a State/Local area issue. 

4: Child Care: This is where Monlux proposes raising the adoption tax credit, adding a babysitting tax deduction credit, increasing the child deduction credit and implementing day car subsidies so children can be taken care of while parents remain in work. 

5: Civics/Government: While the sub section will have much more detail the basic summary is School House Rock level at Elementary School by understanding the three branches, Jr. High/Middle School should be taught the Declaration of Independence,  US Constitution, State Constitution and City/County Charter. High School students should be taught how to register to vote, to look up court cases in their state, fill out protest permit forms and be given both written research papers/oral argument debates for their positions to defend/advocate. 

6: Coding & Technology: The World is going global with instant communication. Understanding technology is a must and given how many electronic programs are made with code, it is very important to start teaching coding in schools. 

7: College Affordability & Student Loans: We need to make college more affordable, let people known about alternative programs, non college careers and address the student loan issues. 


8: College & Higher Education: This covers 4 key areas. The first is creating National General Education requirements for Title IX fund accepting universities. Private institutions and non Title IX schools would still have the freedom to design their own general education requirements without federal oversight. The 2nd list study abroad goals to aim for by 2025. The third talks about implementing Foreign Language and STEM Certificates. To see all the details visit and It does cover in detail the Global Engagement Certificate. The 4th area is designed to help struggling students, those cut off from financial aid and or those ready to leave and get to work, it which it implements a requirement for all universities to offer Diversified Studies, Generic Studies, Liberal Studies, Multidisciplinary Studies, Planned Program and University Studies. 


9: Community Service: 6 Areas/Types of Community Service, the benefits they bring and what the requirements in schools should be in regards to Community Service.

10: Cultural Understanding: This will explain the Cultural Circle and Cultural Elements Developed by Monlux in addition to how it came about. 

11: Dance is becoming a lost art with more people loosing it or not knowing how overtime. Monlux supports dance in schools.

12: Economics: There should be a high school level economics class required along with an economics gen ed class in college. 


13: Education Savings Accounts: An Infographic will explain what Education Savings Accounts. Additionally Monlux supports legalizing them in all US State/Territories while making it part of company benefits and payroll deduction offerings.  


14: Environment: This will cover 5 effects often overlooked about climate change, provide a counter argument to the five, explain what can be done and what should be taught in schools. 


15: Financial Literacy: This part will state what the 6 areas taught should be.

16: Foreign Languages: This will cover new methods of foreign language learning, incorporating foreign language into all levels of education, Jr. High/Middle School Foreign Language Immersion Programs, talk about the base outline to get 500,000 high school students to study abroad in language immersion programs each year, set college/university study abroad goals and implement language certificates available to all students. 


17: Grading Systems: This will provide what Monlux thinks the grading system should be in America. 

18: History: Coming Soon. 

19: Home Schooling: Monlux supports the right of parents to be able to home school their children. 


20: Job Placement: This will cover 4 methodologies of teaching, an oversimplified history of how the present day education system came about and 5 things that can be done to get both people jobs and better prepare them for the workforce of the 21st Century.

21: Learning Disabilities impede learning progress while causing frustration to the student. Therefore its important that they be addressed and dealt with on a case by case basis for customization. 


22: Life Skills: This will cover the 11 areas of Life Skills and provide an Info Graphic summary at the end. 


23: Literacy: This will provide 31 facts about literacy and 8 benefits of literacy. 

24: Mechanics and Wood Shop: This should be offered as electives in every High School and College while advanced specializations should be offered at VO Techs. Its important that America knows how to build/repair things and make things work to last instead of the buy new philosophy in Brave New World.

25: Mental Health is both a serious issue and one growing of concern therefore it should be addressed and included in education proposals. 

26: Modernizing America's Elementary School's: This section will state what Monlux thinks on how Elementary schools should operate. 

27: Modernizing America's Jr High/Middle Schools: This section will state what Monlux thinks on how Jr. High's/Middle Schools should operate and the graduation requirements/curriculum for students. 

28: Modernizing Americas High Schools: This will describe how America should modernize its high schools while respecting individual learning, provide a 21st Century Education and prepare American students to not only be competitive in the World but also remain the leaders of the World as the best country on Earth. 

29: Music should be saved and preserved in schools. 


30: Online Learning: This explains the importance and benefits of online learning in 3 paragraphs.

31: PE/Sports/Recess: Monlux supports keeping recess, physical education (PE) and sports at all levels of schooling while adding it in as a requirement to the University level as well to support and encourage people staying active, physically fit and healthy. 

32: Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer in Schools: Monlux supports both the prayer and pledge of allegiance in public schools.  

33: PRE K & Kindergarten (K): Provides a 3 sentence explanation on Monlux's thoughts about Pre K & K. 

34: Private/Religious Schools: Monlux strongly supports the freedom and independence of private and religious schools in America. 

35: Religious Texts/Teachings: Is separated into 3 categories. The first category is what religions Monlux supports teaching in schools. The second is one run on sentence of Monlux encouraging that religious texts be available in all school libraries. The third sections provides the reasoning behind Monlux's support for religious teachings and texts in schools.   


36: STEM: This will cover what Monlux believes the standards should be, what classes should be offered in High School to meet these requirements, explain how STEM general education requirements should be 15 credit hours for all while giving flexibility to students on how to meet them and a proposed Certificate Program on how to meet them. 


37: Studying Abroad: This will cover Jr. High/Middle School, lay out a basic plan to increase High School Study Abroad and set goals for more University Students to study abroad, so America can increase its peoples, value sets, principles and presence in the World today. 

38: Vaccinations: This section states where Monlux stands on vaccinations in schools. 


39: VO-Tech: 1 paragraph explanation of importance.    


These 39 sub categories make up the components of education necessary to help people engage with the World around them and move forward/improve education in both Oklahoma and America. To not cover or acknowledge these areas in education would be both a disservice to the long term benefit of the student and a disaster for the American workforce and National Security interest moving forward. 


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