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Welcome to where you can keep up with all of his academic and political pursuits. On this website you can learn about David, education and know where he stands on the issues. As someone who has been politically active in the past and is thinking about becoming politically active again in the future, he feels that it is important for you to know where he stands.  It is the personal hope of David Monlux that when you leave this site, you will have a better understanding about David, what makes up education, where he stands on the issues and that it inspires you to become politically active/engaged regardless if you agree or disagree with him.



Monlux is a strong believer in building a southern border wall, climate change being real, combatting human trafficking, common sense regulation and education for all. He also encourages criminal justice reform, free market principles, finding solutions to homelessness, immigration reform with merit/national interest based elements, legal status permanently for DACA/Dreamers, making College/University/Vo Tech free for all American Citizens, Pro Life, strong Foreign/National Defenses Policy run by Academics/Diplomats/Intelligence Officials and supports advancement/implementation/research of alternative energy/fuels (minus nuclear). David also thinks everyone should wear a mask and get vaccinated to stop the spread of COVID-19 and supports the 2nd Amendment along with Open/Permitless Carry for all. 



In closing Monlux looks forward to promoting his vision of 2nd Amendment Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Environmental Awareness, Free Markets, Immigration Reform, improving education, protecting the unborn and a smart/strong Foreign/National Defense Policy to move America forward in the 21st Century.  David extends an invitation and looks forward to working with you on any/all of these issues regardless if its one time alliance or ongoing partnership on multiple issues. Together we can make a better America, Oklahoma, OKC & Cleveland County. 

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